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A great many lawyers seem willing to settle the vast majority of their legal matters outside of court. Illinois attorney Anthony Tomkiewicz stands out from the crowd in that he regularly takes cases to trial. Not only is he willing to represent a client vigorously before a judge and jury, but he has numerous very favorable outcomes to show for it.

It is a common occurrence at The Law Office of Attorney Anthony Tomkiewicz, P.C., in Joliet, for people whose cases were rejected or poorly handled elsewhere to approach Mr. Tomkiewicz in search of help. Time and again, after revising the facts, he discovers a way forward to a much more successful outcome.

A Strong Reputation And Track Record Lead To Favorable Outcomes

With a strong track record in litigation, Mr. Tomkiewicz naturally captures the attention of prosecutors in criminal cases and claims adjusters in civil matters. They know he means business and that he comes prepared with solid evidence in support of his clients' positions. With this strong reputation, many of his cases do settle out of court, but never as a shortcut to justice. Clients soon discover they can trust him to keep them well-informed and prepare them to make the right decisions in their cases, such as whether to accept a plea bargain (or settlement offer) or go before a jury.

Past clients, prosecutors, claims adjusters, courts, judges and peers in the legal profession acknowledge Anthony Tomkiewicz's solid preparation, tenacity and effectiveness as an advocate. Police often learn that he will sue them for wrongfully arresting people he defends if the facts so warrant. Insurance companies learn he will not let them get away with short-changing his clients when it comes to policy benefits.

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