A Strong Defense For Illinois Residents Charged With Crimes

A criminal investigation, arrest or charges can threaten your freedom and your future. Your legal situation is urgent and brings high stakes to the forefront. This is a fight for your reputation. Naturally, you are concerned about legal costs and staying out of jail in the short term. However, the long-term consequences of a conviction can be much more devastating overall. For this reason, you have no time to waste with your liberty on the line.

At this time — and until your case is resolved — a strong advocate who will listen carefully and zealously, skillfully represent you is your greatest need. Contact The Law Office of Attorney Anthony Tomkiewicz, P.C., in Joliet to schedule a consultation right away if you have been charged with a crime.

Perhaps rumors tell you accusations are coming your way and you may be under investigation for a crime, such as:

This is the best time to get a lawyer on board. An experienced defense attorney may prevent drug charges or other criminal charges from being filed at all.

Or you may have been charged already with a crime in Illinois, such as:

  • A violent crime (domestic violence, murder, vehicular manslaughter, arson or a weapons offense)
  • Soliciting a minor, possessing or distributing child pornography or any allegations that could result in sex offender registration
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime; aiding and abetting

Defense lawyer Anthony Tomkiewicz can get to work right away fighting to keep you out of jail, get charges thrown out or reduced and stand up for your constitutional rights throughout your experience with the criminal justice system.

The Law Office Of Attorney Anthony Tomkiewicz, P.C.: A Criminal Law Firm Ready To Defend You Vigorously

Call 630-423-8726 or send an email inquiry if you have been accused, arrested or charged with a criminal offense. If you already have a conviction on the books, ask to speak with Mr. Tomkiewicz about the possibility of an expungement.